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The Atlantis is professional and enthusiastic team, dedicated to deliver Professional HR Consulting Services. 

With the rich experience of 8 years, we are developing a good and productive results which will satisfies the needs and requirements of our business clients and our job seekers.

We help you to build a perfect elevator, we've bought together all resources you need to grow and enhance your knowledge to the utmost limits.

What we provide?

We deals into all industries like Automobiles Ind, Banking Sectors, KPO/BPO, Backoffice Jobs, Advances (LOANS), Hotel Industries, Mutual funds, Insurance (LIC), Commercial Vehicle Loans, Constructions Loans, Airport Jobs, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, LIC Credit cards.

All Jobs are respective to Bank Payroll Jobs.

Our Commitment.

The Atlantis, is recruitment firm which provide 100% Job Assistance to our Job Seekers and fulfil all requirements of our respective Clients.

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Details of our Services.

Services we Offer :

1) Recruitment to various sectors.

2) Advances (Loans - Car Loan, Commercial Vehicle Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property, Home Loan, Auto Loan).

3) Provide Insurance (LIC).

4) Provide Medi-claim and General Insurance Services.

5) Provide LIC Credit Cards.

6) Provide Mutual Fund.

7) Provide Agency of LIC, LIC Credit Cards and Mutual Fund.

 8) Recruitment of Advisor for World Trusted Co-operation LIC of India.

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1) Online Trading.

2) E-Commerce.

3) Fish / Vegetable Supply to Various Hotels Restaurants.

4) Provide stationaries to Schools and Colleges.


Promote Current Deals

1) Referral Amount on Employee Reference Scheme.

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